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Team: Meet the Team
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Chief Numbers Officer

For over 15 years, James has worked with a diverse range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. As a former auditor and risk consultant at the multi-national and mid-sized accounting firms, James looks to provide his clients with the care and expertise that they deserve. 

“I thoroughly enjoy working with small businesses. As a small business owner myself, I feel the excitement and struggles of my clients. It can be a roller coaster ride of emotions as the owners steer their businesses through survival stages and ideally enter stable or growth periods. In college, as much as I wanted to doze off in the auditorium, I’ll never forget these words from the main speaker who happen to be the head of the accounting department ‘…accounting is the story of the business through numbers’.  Over the course of my experience, I found this statement to be very powerful.  A business can be made aware of its drain on cash or carve out new opportunities from having good financial information. I am more than eager to be invested with the owners when I can leverage my accounting and consulting experience to help.”

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